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To celebrate N21 Fall Winter 2018 Collection, LOVE Magazine created a video, shot by photographer Boo George.

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Alessandro dell’Acqua, N21 creative director, comments: «Starting out from an after-dark idea of fun, festive situations, I found in the majorette an embodiment of the incongruity between a common, working-class type of public entertainment and the spontaneous expression of an unconscious, off-the-cuff glamour that's all the same authentic, uniquely personal. What I had in mind is a woman who – while no diva, no vamp, no star – knows how to dazzle in her everyday life. This enabled me to develop many aspects of today's fashion that seem contradictory: as in, brightness and dark spirit, glamour and glam punk, as well as my ever-favorite masculine/feminine mix. Last but not least, it enabled me to get back the joy I take in a fashion that I'd like to become once again an expression of research, first and foremost.»

LOVE Magazine
Photographer: Boo George
Fashion Editor: Oliver Volquardsen
Hair: Anna Cofone
Make Up: Ciara O’Shea
Creative Direction: Harriet Verney
Starring: Olivia Anakwe, Olympia Campbell, Minnie Wastie, Aaliyah Hydes and The Majorettes