pre fall 21


female model wearing a black polo, black knit shorts and a grey check coat.
female model wearing a blue and orange checked midi dress.
female model wearing a yellow short sleeves sweater with a lips embellishment
female model wearing a black heart shape collar midi knit dress
female model wearing white cardigan, stones embellishments bra and red pumps
female model wearing green printed long sleeves dress and purple velvet mule.
female model with black lace mini dress.
male model with pink knitwear and light blue shorts.
female model with black top
female model wearing string knit top and black pencil skirt
male model wears white hoodie with open shoulder design
female model wears black dress with lips embellishment on it.
male model with checked shirt, purple knitwear and grey torusers.
female model wearing pink mini dress with white stones embellishment collar
female model with green cardigan and pink knitted shorts.
female model wearing grey checked coat
male model wearing grey shirt coat with a lips shape brooch on it.
female model with white hear shape collar knitwear top, white knitted shorts and a lip embellishment belt.
female model with silver dress.
female model with black v neck dress and pear necklace.
male model with grey lace hoodie and grey trousers.
female model with grey knitted dress, blue and orange checked oversized shirt and red pumps.
female model with baby blue coat, baby blue satin dress and red high heel pumps.
male model with knitted vest and grey trousers.
female model wearing a black long sleeves mini dress
female model wearing blue and orange checked coat with stones embellishement on collar.
female model wearing blue checked bra top, blue checked pencil skirt and green cardigan, with a green bag on shoulder.
female model with silver pencil skirt, blue and orange checked top and a green sweater.
male model with blue and orange checked coat
female model with gray cropped knit top, cream color lace skirt and brown stiletto.
female model wearing silver string top, tweet pencil skirt, lip embellishment belt and white stiletto.
male model wears check coat, black t-shirt, black trousers and pear necklace.
female model with black polo top and black knitted shorts, transparent tights and black Mary jane shoes.
male model with black lace shirt coat, black lace top and black lace trousers.
female model with stone embellishment pink cardigan and knitted yellow shorts.
female model with nude bra, checked bowling shirt, green knit pencil skirt and yellow gloves.